Here is why Olino’s Pilot shirts are among the world’s best pilots shirts

Olino Premium Pilot shirts
Our Premium Pilot Shirts have been refined over several years to meet the need of demanding aviation professionals.

They give you just the right professional look and authority.

And, best of all, they offer unparalleled comfort, making Olino’s pilot shirts, the shirt you are happy to turn to every morning.

Here is how we do it. No secrets - focus on comfort, a lot of attention to the details and to the feedback from wearers.

Olino Premium Pilot shirts

Our Premium Cotton Twill shirt fabric offers unsurpassed comfort. The soft fabric makes wearing our pilot shirt an extremely pleasant experience, with or without undershirt. Even in a hot climate or in a warm work situation, you will be able to keep up your professional appearance.

The no-wrinkle finish ensures a clean and crisp look even through long and busy workdays. The shirts are non-transparent for a classy and discrete look. The durable fabric quality is Oekotex certified, which is your guarantee that there are no harmful substances in the shirts.

Olino Premium Pilot shirts

As you would expect, our pilot shirt style features two breast pockets with flaps. The pockets are just the right size to look neat and tidy and still have room for a passport and a pen.  The shoulder straps fit into standard size epaulettes and are just in the right position.

The Olino pilot shirts have a little extra length to make sure they stay nicely tucked into your trousers.
As opposed to most designer shirts, our pilot shirts have no thick double seams that are difficult to iron. They have single stitches, which are easier and quicker to iron and has the added benefit that you have less fabric folded in your armpit.

Moreover, our shirts do not have hem gussets or other unnecessary reinforcements. That gives you less material to tuck into your trousers - more comfortable and better looking.

Olino Premium Pilot Shirts

The right collar and tie is probably the most crucial detail for a sharp professional look. Our pilot shirts have a timeless semi-spread collar that looks great with any face shape and all medium sized tie knots.

The collar band has enough height to accommodate the tie when folded. Furthermore, and just as importantly, the collar points sit neatly under the jacket or sweater, leaving a clean and organized impression.

For a perfect clean look, the collar is fully fused and the collar stays are sewn into the collar points, loose stiffeners that get lost.

Olino Premium Pilot Shirts

A nicely fitting shirt adds to a professional appearance – and to the comfort level. To ensure just that, we offer a wide range of shirt fits including long and short sleeve styles, regular and slim fit models and extra-long versions for the tallest guys.


  • Pilot style shirts with 2 breast pockets with flaps and pen hole, shoulder straps for epaulettes
  • 4 models available, 40 different variants
  • 100% Cotton
  • Easy-iron finish
  • Premium workmanship with soft touch finish
  • Non-transparent twill weave

Olino Pilot shirt Review in the article "Best custom Pilot Shirts of 2020"

"I was lucky enough to try out both their Naples and Palermo range of pilot shirts and my first impression was that that they were some of the nicest shirts I’ve ever worn (either aviation or regular). The 100% twill cotton fabric is seriously good quality. It’s incredibly soft, and the diagonal twill weave, as I found out, is actually really important because it has a much higher density than typical shirts."

Ken Johnson, Pilot and blogger at

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