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Our range for accessories in our assortment include scarfs, ties, belts, gloves, caps, pilot wings, epaulettes and practical necessities such as protective barbeque gloves and wallets.

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    Uniform accessories

    To complete your uniform look, we offer a wide range of accessories for flight deck and cabin crews as well as ground staff.


    For the winter season, you will find our midnight blue scarfs for women and men made from 100% premium wool. They will allow you to complete your outfit with a stylish touch and be your favorite on cold and chilly days. The scarf will feel soft and warm on your skin and it is a must-have in any uniform package.


    Add a luxurious finish to your uniform outfit with our premium ties specifically designed to complement your uniform. The Olino ties give a professional appearance expected of uniform wearers.

    • The ties comes in black and navy to match your outfit.
    • Velcro closure for added safety: the Velcro closure releases when pulled
    • An elegant weave pattern


    Our black leather belts for men and women features a classic and professional look. The design is timeless, while the look is stylish and elegant. The belts, made from first quality leather, comes with:

    • A comfortable and stylish appearance to complete your uniform appearance
    • Clip buckle in a stylish brushed look - Silver and Gold
    • The buckle clicks on and off for easy adjustment of the length - guaranteeing you a perfect fit
    • The belt buckle is free from nickel

    The Olino leather belt is a must-have item in your uniform wardrobe.


    Our classic black leather gloves for men and women will add a touch of elegance to the uniform look.

    • The leather gloves is a great way to keep your hands warm during cold winter days.
    • The gloves is made of 100% soft lambskin and with 100% wool lining.

    The gloves Istanbul for women and Minsk for men is made to fit under the sleeves of the jacket or coat, to keep a professional and stylish look and complementing the rest of the uniform outfit.


    Style your pilot uniform look with our navy Paris cap with gold or silver trim. Choose between two variants from our stock range: the Captains cap with gold or silver trim and embroidered leaves or the First Officer’s cap with gold or silver trim.

    The Paris cap is the final finish to your pilot appearance and gives you a professional and authoritative look

    We have more information about pilot caps here

    Pilot wings

    You can get the perfect final touch to your pilot uniform with our Pilot Wings.

    Our Pilot Wings has a shiny gold or silver nickel finish.

    Pilot wings are very special. They represent decades of tradition featuring Pilot Wings on caps and jackets, highlighting a classic, professional look.

    We can also help you if you are looking for customized pilot wings.


    Create a sense of authority and make sure your epaulettes match the rest of your uniform with dark grey, black or navy epaulettes. Easily matched to our range of uniform wear.

    You can choose between one to four stripes to show off your rank. Customize the color of the stripes to match your uniform appearance – choose between silver, gold or champagne-colored stripes.

    If you want to know more about Pilot Ranking stripe – read our popular blog


    When you are working in the cabin serving drinks and food, you need a practical and reliable solution to keep your skirt, pants or dress away from stains.

    Our unisex apron ensures great durability and a clean look for your uniform appearance.

    Come in classic black and one-size to fit all uniform wearers.

    Barbeque gloves

    With our heat resistant barbeque gloves you can remove hot trays and pans from the oven without any hassle.

    Our barbeque gloves feature extra-long canvas shafts for more protection when working with hot objects.

    The gloves comes in white and made from leather and canvas.


    You can keep valuables, keys and cash safe when working the cabin with our one-size money belt. The wallet is comfortable to wear and suitable for any uniform look.

    Come in the color navy.

    The wallet belt can easily be worn on top of a pair of pants or a skirt.

    Customized accessories

    We also develop bespoke accessories to accommodate individual design, brand colors and practical requirements. Please contact us for more information at olino@olino.dk

    Or you can check out more information about customized accessories here